<![CDATA[PetProductDelivery.com - Blog]]>Thu, 23 Nov 2017 06:42:02 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[Summer of LOVE!]]>Thu, 03 Aug 2017 18:55:21 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/summer-of-loveAs Kasen, Joseph and I travel from home to home delivering products and services to neighborhoods as far north as Conroe and as far south as Rice Village it is evident that there's an abundance of love and joy everywhere. I wanted to take a moment to share a few photos and stories from some of our experiences this summer.

Our friend Matteo's pet parents went to Spain on vacation, but couldn't take their little four-legged buddy. Does that mean that they forgot all about Matteo while they were overseas? Far from it. Check out the spiffy outfit this doggie received as souvenirs from his family's travels! Very Euro-chic. We are sure he is the envy of all the other pooches in the Briar Forest neighborhood.
We had the privilege to cat sit a home with 12 adorable felines in The Woodlands. I was told that they would all probably hide or that I might never see them. Well, I am happy to report that new friends were made. In fact, the two top cats of the household, Anubis and Nefertiti, were awaiting my arrival and greeted us every day of their stay-cation.
Meanwhile, over in the Galleria, we were delighted to care for one of our regular groomies @ Camp Run-A-Mutt. Meet Summer! He was boarding @ daycare so his Mom asked that he be groomed while she was away. Summer is sporting a slightly shorter style than he usually dons in cooler months. Knowing that he and his Mom were missing each other, I sent this photo to his Mom when Summer's haircut was finished and sent it via text. Her reply was, "Summer you look so cute." We couldn't agree more. ;-)
Yesterday, we received a call to groom in Garden Oaks. Kasen and I were ahead of schedule, so. after receiving the New Client Form, we headed over to meet Blue. It turns out that this 13 year old doggie had never been professionally groomed...ever. But, you know what? Despite having some arthritis, she did great. After her groom, Blue had some treats, walked a couple of laps around the kitchen and then straight into her Mommy's arms. Aw! What a fun groom visit that was for us all!
<![CDATA[Big Discount on the "beta" Online Store]]>Sun, 02 Jul 2017 21:12:15 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/big-discount-on-the-beta-online-store
Dear Pet Parents,

While Jill and I are feverishly working on the NEW Online Store, I would like to make you an offer to help us out. We are still in "beta" mode. Adding products, adding and replacing images and descriptions, ect. We have a couple dozen products in the Dog - Food, Treats, Supplements and Cat - Food Treats, Supplements categories with hundreds more coming to these and the other categories. Right now there are some Ark Naturals, Stella and Chewy's, Bravo!, West Paw Designs and Vital Essentials products represented. So, here's my offer...

If you want to shop the site NOW while we are building it, I will pay the sales tax. Yep. I am not adding sales tax until the whole thing is finished. That could be another day or it could be the end of the week. In the meantime, you will SAVE 8.25% on your order. This will help us figure out what is and isn't working. And since visitors to our site can add notes, you can tell us what you would like to see next. Click here to get started: http://apeacefulpet.com/online-store.html

There is a small delivery fee for orders under 100.00 for local and national clients. All orders over 100.00 are delivered and shipped 100% FREE anywhere in the continental United States.

Right now, while we are in "beta" mode, we are still delivering according to our weekly delivery schedule locally and shipping USPS nationally. Once the site is rolling, our plans are to start delivering locally ON DEMAND (think Dominoes Pizza or Tiff's Treats).

We are adding and updating hour by hour and minute by minute. Have a look and let us know what you think. Thank you for your ongoing support!
<![CDATA[When the Same Hairstyle Looks Different]]>Sat, 01 Jul 2017 23:30:56 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/when-the-same-hairstyle-looks-differentKasen and I recently had the pleasure of meeting two new fur-kids @ Camp Run-A-Mutt: Oakley and Gordy. Each of these dogs has a separate set of pet parents that happened to be boarding @ CRAM over the July 4th holiday. They both asked us to groom their dogs while they were away, so we groomed them back-to-back on the same day. Both dogs were sweet as can be and are about the same size and weight. In fact, even their bone structure was similar. So, what are the differences? Let's look @ Oakley first.

Oakley has a nice crisp, wiry coat that is easy to maintain. His family keeps his hair a little shorter and takes good care of his coat. He had no tangles and was a breeze to shampoo, blow-dry, comb and prep for grooming. See his photos below...
Now, let's have a look @ Gordy (see photo, below). This dog has thick, wavy hair that is difficult to maintain. This kind of coat, if left longer than 1" in length, mats easily and needs to be thoroughly combed and brushed everyday. Bathing without doing so will cause mats to be locked in close to the skin. Gordy's folks keep his hair longer for a more "fluffy" look. Gordy took considerably more time to shampoo, blow-dry, comb and prep for grooming. There were areas that were too matted to be combed out, so I shaved those areas. Fortunately, they were in locations that could be hidden with longer hair. Since his folks like a longer look anyway, it worked well as camouflage. (His right front leg already had hair missing from a veterinary procedure.)
Believe it or not, both sets of pet parents requested the exact same hairstyle, and that is what they got. So, why do they look different? The length is slightly different, but the hair type is completely different. Crisp and wiry vs. soft and wavy.

The next time you take a photo to show your groomer a hairstyle you would like on your pet, keep this in mind. Two dogs can look completely different in the same style!

<![CDATA[Welcome The Two Newest Members of Our PetProductDelivery.com Family: Lilah and Remy!]]>Tue, 06 Jun 2017 14:27:42 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/welcome-two-new-members-to-our-furry-family
This adorable Miniature Schnauzer is Lilah. She is all trimmed up and ready to go for some summer time fun!
Remy, a Coton De Tulear, can't wait to show off his new hairdo at Camp Run-A-Mutt. He will be the envy of all of the other pups.

Want your fur-kids to look as spiffy as Lilah and Remy? Then call, text or e-mail your appointment today! Your darling fur-kid can be groomed in your very own home or on location with our friends @ Camp Run-A-Mutt.
<![CDATA[New Product! SALE!]]>Tue, 06 Jun 2017 04:04:02 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/new-product-saleDear Pet Parents,
The Fromm Family has a new recipe in their Four Star line-up for cats and dogs. It is called Chicken au Frommage! It is a French-inspired, grain-free entrée specially prepared with chicken, lentils, potatoes, cheese, and fruit & vegetables. Mm-m-m-m...You pet is going to LOVE it!
Call, text or e-mail your order any size Chicken au Frommage by Thursday, July 8th @ 5:00p. to receive the special introductory discount. Here's the 411 on the sale and ingredients:
Fromm Four Star 4lb. Chicken au Frommage dog kibble - 29.99 SALE! 26.99
Fromm Four Star 12lb. Chicken au Frommage dog kibble - 62.99 SALE! 56.99
Fromm Four Star 26lb. Chicken au Frommage dog kibble - 98.99 SALE! 88.99
Fromm Four Star 2lb. Chicken au Frommage cat kibble - 25.99 SALE! 23.99
Fromm Four Star 5lb. Chicken au Frommage cat kibble - 35.99 SALE! 31.99
Fromm Four Star 15lb. Chicken au Frommage cat kibble - 65.99 SALE! 59.99

Chicken au Frommage Dog Ingredients
Chicken, Chicken Meal, Chickpeas, Lentils, Peas, Potatoes, Chicken Fat, Dried Whole Egg, Dried Tomato Pomace, Sweet Potatoes, Cheese, Pea Protein, Flaxseed, Chicken Liver, Pears, Calcium Sulfate, Salt, Monocalcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Olive Oil, Chicory Root Extract, Minerals, Vitamins, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Sodium Selenite, Alfalfa Sprouts, Folic Acid, Parsley, Probiotics.
Chicken au Frommage Cat Ingredients Chicken, Chicken Meal, Chickpeas, Dried Whole Egg, Lentils, Peas, Pea Protein, Potatoes, Chicken Fat, Dried Tomato Pomace, Chicken Liver, Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, Pea Fiber, Flaxseed, DL-Methionine, Pears, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Olive Oil, Chicory Root Extract, Minerals, Vitamins, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Sodium Selenite, Alfalfa Sprouts, Taurine, Folic Acid, Parsley, Probiotics.

<![CDATA[Innovative New Product, BIG Sale!]]>Mon, 08 May 2017 21:36:28 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/innovative-new-product-big-saleGood Afternoon Pet Parents!
I am VERY excited to introduce a new, long-lasting toy from West Paw Design as well as a special offer on Vital Essentials 5pc. Bully Sticks to go with it. First let's talk about the toy...

What is Qwizl?
Qwizl is the new interactive treat-dispensing toy from West Paw Design that keeps dogs stimulated and pleasantly puzzled. It's brilliant design extends the life of expensive dog treats while prolonging play to keep dogs interested in their own snacks and away from shoes. Qwizl is also great for interactive play so go ahead and toss it after the treats are gone.

Qwizl is available in two sizes (small and large) and available in West Paw Design’s classic, easy-to-spot colors, Aqua, Tangerine, and Granny Apple (see photos).

Qwizl is recyclable, latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, FDA compliant (meaning it’s safe to eat off of), and Guaranteed to Last.

Why You Will Love It:
Qwizl is perfect for any pups who have to spend time indoors and need a toy to keep their minds occupied. It is the ideal size and shape for bully sticks, tendons and dental treats. Great for a game of fetch when playing outdoors when the toy is empty. Going on a long road trip with your dog? You need this toy. Plus, it is much easier to clean than some other toys that just have a narrow hole @ the end of a big, lumpy piece of rubber.

Here are the Deals:

1) Order @ least 1 Qwizl, small or large, and get 1 bag of Vital Essentials 5pc. Bully Sticks @ 3.99...that's half off!

2) Order 2 bags of Vital Essentials 5pc. Bully Sticks, get the third bag FREE!

Wow! 1 new product, 2 great offers! Summer fun is just around the corner, so call, text and e-mail your order today! This offer is good for orders placed now through Wednesday, May 31st @ 5:00p. Orders must be paid for online no later than 10:00p. the same day to qualify for the discount. Vital Essentials 5pc. Bully Sticks are available for delivery immediately, Qwizl will be available the first week in June 2017.

Qwizl Small 5.5" - 13.99
Qwizl Large 6.5" - 17.99
Vital Essentials 5pc. Bully Sticks - 7.99 (regular price before discount)
<![CDATA[Birthday Salad]]>Tue, 02 May 2017 04:12:42 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/birthday-saladMay day! May day! Today was Claudia's 12th birthday. How time flies. Favorite past time? Nibbling fresh herbs on the balcony. Love my kitty diva!
<![CDATA[PPD News: Movie, SALE, more!]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 23:47:43 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/ppd-news-movie-sale-moreHi Everyone!

There's a lot of news happening this month, so let's jump right in!

1) Support your local independent pet business. Here's why...


2) In case you have not watched this recent documentary about the pet food industry, you may consider putting it on your list. Although Pet Fooled just scratches the surface of the processed food conundrum consumer's face, it is definitely worth a watch. I am a little disappointed that it completely skips the major players that have been fighting for healthier pet food standards since 1979 and jumps to an overview featuring our current YouTube darlings championing the cause.  For example, did you know that Dr. Wysong of Wysong pet foods is involved in a legal battle against the big pet food companies for false advertising? Also, it offers a very simplistic approach to product safety, like reading the list of ingredients. With that said, Pet Fooled is a good place for pet parents to learn the basics about the pet food industry. What I really DO like about the film is how they cover so much of the key points of a battle that has been going on since consumers first started becoming aware of the problems in the pet food industry in 2007. And, thumbs up to Dr. Karen Becker. Finally, here's a knowledgeable veterinarian stepping forward and busting the Prescription Diet myth that has had pet parents by the wallet for a very long time. Highly Recommend! Please, watch and share it with your friends:

Stream it on Amazon

Watch it on Netflix

3) Here's one reason why food labels don't tell the entire nutritional story. 30 Genetically modified produce items by-pass GMO regulation. Here's one of them:


4) For those of you that are not quite ready to make your own pet food, but are thinking about taking the plunge into a raw diet for your pet, I have a special offer for you. These Vital Essentials products are on SALE through Sunday, April 30th @ 7:00p. (All orders need to be paid for online by 10:00p.) Also, check out this new product: Freeze Dried Turkey Fries! So, call, text or e-mail your order today!

Vital Essentials 1lb. Chicken Freeze Dried Raw Mini Patties - 28.99ea. Sale! 25.99
Vital Essentials 1lb. Beef Freeze Dried Raw Mini Patties - 28.99ea. Sale! 25.99
Vital Essentials 1lb. Duck Freeze Dried Raw Mini Patties - 28.99ea. Sale! 25.99
Vital Essentials 1lb. Turkey Freeze Dried Raw Mini Patties - 28.99ea. Sale! 25.99
Freeze Dried 2oz. Turkey Giblets Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99
Freeze Dried 1oz. Minnows Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99
Freeze Dried 2oz. Chicken Hearts Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99
Freeze Dried 2oz. Duck Nibs Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99
Freeze Dried 2.3oz. Beef Tripe Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99
Freeze Dried 2.1oz. Beef Liver Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99
Freeze Dried 6pc. Rabbit Ears Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99
Freeze Dried 2.5oz. Turkey Fries Dog Treats - 7.99 Sale! 6.99 NEW PRODUCT!

5) Thursday and Friday openings! Attention Pet Parents...I had another big grooming cancellation right in the middle of this Friday the 28th @ Camp Run-A-Mutt AND I have an in-home groom opening I did not fill in The Heights this coming Thursday afternoon (4/27), so...if you need an appointment soon give me a call: 832-549-1730. Many thanks in advance!

6) Meet the Breed: The Pomeranian!


Adopt a Pomeranian

Have a Great Evening Everyone!

Sandy Stutz NCMG
<![CDATA[PPD News]]>Thu, 20 Apr 2017 04:43:37 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/ppd-news4235051Dear Pet Parents,

It's been awhile since I've published an issue of the PetProductDelivery.com News. Sorry, I've just been so darn busy! Here's what's happening this month:

1) Did you know that PetProductDelivery.com (aka A Peaceful Pet) has great reviews on Yelp? Thank you all so much! I feel blessed and would like to share:


2) Friday openings! Attention Pet Parents...I had a big grooming cancellation right in the middle of this Friday the 21st AND an opening this Friday evening, so...if you need an appointment soon give me a call: 832-549-1730. Really need to fill out this week. Thank you!!!!

3) Choosing the right vendors for our PetProductDelivery.com line-up of products is very important to me. Where our products are manufactured is just as important as what they are made from. Here's a video to illustrate that point. See what makes West Paw Designs special.

West Paw Design story:

4) Buy 2 Get One FREE: Bravo! Brand Canned Cat Foods!

From now through Thursday, April 27th, get 1 FREE can of food with any 2 you purchase. Call, text, or e-mail your order today! Here are your options:

Natural Fricassee 5.5oz. Chicken Cat Cans - 3.99
Natural Fricassee 5.5oz. Turkey Cat Cans - 3.99
Natural Dinner 5.5oz. Chicken Cat Cans - 3.99
Natural Dinner 5.5oz. Turkey Cat Cans - 3.99

(Hint - My girls LOVE the Natural Dinner 5.5oz. Chicken recipe the MOST! Pate style w/ LOTS of yummy juice. )

5) Something every consumer, not just pet parents, should read:


This article illustrates the point I have been trying to make for years that asking for "Human Grade" pet food is pointless, since our own foods are tainted with and, in many cases, made from chemicals that should not be consumed @ all. In addition to Ms. Thixton's suggestions in this article, I would like to add that we should all take a close look @ the products we use in our homes and in our yard. Any and all toxic products used in the environment eventually make it into our water supply and food chain. We can all be part of the solution. Don't purchase toxic chemicals including all pesticides and herbacides.

6) Meet the Breed: the Siamese

The Siamese is an example of a cat breed created to be protectors. They walked the walls like sentries and warned their masters of danger with their piercing voices! To learn more about this fascinating breed, follow these links:



Adopt a Siamese Cat

Have a Great Evening Everyone!

Sandy Stutz NCMG
<![CDATA[Year of the Phoenix]]>Sat, 01 Apr 2017 22:53:48 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/year-of-the-phoenixGreetings Friends, Fans and Valued Clients;

It's time again for my annual blog featuring the goings on of me and my family. Last year, as you may remember, I adopted a skateboarding kitten. This year has got that topped with a whirlwind of family activity.

This is the first time that I have included dear J.R. in one of my updates. On Thursday he informed myself and his father that he is trekking from Houston to Phoenix on foot in search of buried treasure. X marks the spot, he says, of the exact location in the Arizona desert. He is sure to find the Titanic diamond out west, as well as a group of inquisitive aliens. (Actually, he is hoping to avoid the former.) We are all wishing him the best of luck!

In other news, my twin sister Debbie was training for a marathon when she blew out her retina on a morning jog. Ouch! All is well, however, as Debbie had surgery and is good as new. Her next project involves circuit training w/ the physical therapist she has been seeing for the last 10 years. Go Debbie!

Meanwhile, Uncle K is hiding inside his burglar bar clad home. He will not come out and insists to everyone that calls that he is actually living in Corpus Christi. This, he feels, discourages visitors. He is also in the habit of wiring small amounts of money to certain out-of-town relatives to discourage them from dropping by. I don't get it, but that's okay. Neither does anyone else. 

The kitties and I are patiently awaiting invitations to visit our dear friends that live on the other side of The Woodlands. They have an entire house full of relatives staying with them for the month including several from Australia! The newest addition is just a babe named after our big sister city to the south, Houston! The kitties and I can not WAIT to meet little Houston, but, as of yet, our invitations have not arrived. Oh, well. 'Til then we continue to while the time away by sitting on our balcony, sipping dandelion tea and enjoying entertainment provided by local barn swallows. Who needs to see a cute little Australian baby named Houston anyway?

That's all the news for this year.

Happy April First Everyone! ;-D
  Sandy Stutz NCMG