<![CDATA[PetProductDelivery.com - Blog]]>Sat, 17 Mar 2018 11:37:40 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[PPD News]]>Sat, 17 Mar 2018 03:00:16 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/ppd-news7739397Dear Pet Parents,
This evening we have some very special news items in this edition ofPetProductDelivery.com News1) the PPD website has been updated to include 2 exciting new product lines, 2) I have a personal story that involves, my son, myself, and a wonderful organization I discovered in my search for a service dog for him, 3) a local breeder has fallen on hard times and now all of her breeding dogs and puppies are up for adoption, and, last but never least 4) Meet the Breed! Let's get started!
1) I have been trying to keep my promise to update thePetProductDelivery.com website to reflect our actual product offerings. This month you will find Bocce's Bakery on our Local Delivery - Products page and Super Snouts Hemp Company on the aforementioned page and also on our Online Store. Check it out!
Bocce's Bakery on our Local Delivery - Products page:
Super Snouts Hemp Company on our Online Store:
Call, text or e-mail an order of any 10 Bocce's Bakery or Super Snouts Hemp Company products (mix and match) and I will give you a 10% discount through the end of March.
2) I am usually reluctant to include anything personal in this newsletter, but I just had to make an exception this time. My son, Justin, has been pretty much housebound for the last several months due to an injury sustained back in 2016. In my search for a service dog for him, I happened upon a wonderful organization: Operation Overwatch. They rescue dogs from animal shelters and train them to work as service dogs for veterans and first responders, most of whom have TBI's and PTSD. Isn't that cool!? Save a dog, help a veteran. They call it "Healing at both ends of the leash."Operation Overwatch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Service Dog training program started by Marine Corps veteran Kennelmaster Sgt Brice Cavanaugh. I felt very fortunate that they agreed to work with Justin. But, service dogs have to be trained, so they set up fundraisers on flipcause.com to help people like us forego some of the expense. I am humbled to offer this link (cut and paste into your browser bar if the link does not work):
Operation Overwatch Campaign for Justin:
To learn more about Operation Overwatch click here:
3) I recently learned from a rescue contact on social media that a Texas Chow Chow breeder had to surrender 15 adult Chow Chows to North Texas Chow Chow Rescue. 7 of the females came pregnant. So, there are a large number of adults and puppies up for adoption. At last count they had over 40.
If you have ever wanted a Chow Chow contact these folks:
FYI...Chow Chows are not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to be a good fit. To learn more...
4) Meet the Breed: the Chow Chow
If you enjoy this newsletter, please forward it to a friend or share on social media.
Have a beautiful evening everyone!
  Sandy Stutz NCMG

<![CDATA[Operation Overwatch: A Service Dog Can Change a Life]]>Wed, 14 Mar 2018 06:21:17 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/operation-overwatch-a-service-dog-can-change-a-lifeThis link will take you to a very personal story about my son and the organization that can help him. Please, read. Thank you.

<![CDATA[Chow Chow 911]]>Tue, 13 Mar 2018 05:19:57 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/chow-chow-911A Chow Chow breeder landed on hard times and had to turn all of her animals over to a rescue organization...puppies and adults! Can you help by donating or adopting? If so, please visit this website: NorthTexasChowChowHaven.org.
<![CDATA[First Quarter Fun!]]>Fri, 09 Mar 2018 04:01:34 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/first-quarter-funGood Evening Pet Parents,

We are coming to the end of the first quarter of 2018 and what a great time we have had, so far! Just wanted to post some highlights, so here we go...

​The first weekend in January found the PetProductDelivery.com team @ the George R. Brown Convention Center manning a booth @ the Houston Charity Cat Show. We met a lot of people and made some friends, too.
Joseph and Sandy @ the GRB
We travel to all kinds of places to care for our clients' beloved pets. Two of our new favorite doggies, Billie and Chloe, have one of the best views of the city from the 41st floor of their downtown apartment. They are both super sweet and Billie really rocks his little mohawk!
We were invited to bring our PetProductDelivery.com line-up to the TICA show in Deer Park...so we did! How much do we love kitties? Let us count the ways...
We recently paid a visit to our friend Luna @ her home in West U. Doesn't she look lovely after her spa visit? The first time we met she was only 5 months old. Now she's all grown up. Awww!
<![CDATA[New Products, Introductory Sale]]>Thu, 15 Feb 2018 05:03:40 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/new-products-introductory-saleDear Pet Parents,

Bocce's Bakery has a new product line of treats your doggies are sure to love! Bocce's Bakery Butcher Block Protein Bones are crafted using only 4 ingredients. Each delightful piece is slowly baked and has over 30% protein. These are limited ingredient snacks that are wheat- free, all natural and a great size for snacking and as a training aid. These treats come in 3 varieties: Beef, Chicken and Turkey. Each dog treat is the shape of a bone and is approximately 2" long x 1" wide x 1/4" thick. Check out these introductory prices:

Bocce's Bakery 5oz. Protein Bones Chicken - 9.99 SALE! 6.99
Bocce's Bakery 5oz. Protein Bones Beef - 9.99 SALE! 6.99
Bocce's Bakery 5oz. Protein Bones Turkey - 9.99 SALE! 6.99

Call, text or e-mail your order by Thursday, February 15th to receive the introductory sale price. All Bocce's Bakery treats are proudly made in Brooklyn, New York in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Have a beautiful evening!

Sandy Stutz NCMG
<![CDATA[Weekend Discount]]>Sat, 06 Jan 2018 04:26:12 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/weekend-discountGood Evening Pet Parents,

​Myself and the whole PPD team will be taking turns hosting the PetProductDelivery.com booth @ this year's Houston Charity Cat Show @ the George R. Brown Convention Center. I couldn't be more excited! We will showing off some new products as well as some old favorites and handing out samples and brochures. Come out and visit our booth @ the event and we will give you 20%​ OFF any product you purchase. Not up to coming out to the GRB? No worries. Just text or e-mail your order on ANY dog or cat products we carry this Saturday the 6th or Sunday the 7th and I will give you 10% OFF if you use the words CAT SHOW somewhere in the order.

Here's a sneak peak @ some of the products we will have on hand:

Bravo! 1.25oz. Mariner 's Medley cat treats
Bravo! 1.5oz. Chicken Breast cat treats
Ark Naturals Breathless Plaque Zapper for Cats to Small/Medium dogs
Ark Naturals Happy Traveler Capsules
Farmina 3.3lb. Grain-free GMO-free Kitten Food
Fromm Gold 2.5lb. Kitten Food
Fromm 4 Star 2lb. Chicken A La Veg dry cat kibble
Grizzly 3oz. Salmon Super Treats Crunchy Treats for cats
Instinct 4.5 lb. Raw Boost Grain-free Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food
Instinct 3oz. Healthy Cravings Grain-free Tuna Recipe
Open Farm 4.5lb. Turkey and Chicken Recipe for cats
Stella and Chewy's 3.5oz. Duck Duck Goose Freeze-Dried Cat Food
Vital Essentials 6oz. Beef Topper for dogs and cats
Vital Essentials .5oz. Minnows
Instinct 3.5oz. Minced Recipe Rabbit cat cups
 Instinct 3oz. Healthy Cravings Grain-free Duck Recipe for cats
Earth Rated 32oz. Stain and Odor Remover Lavendar Scent
Dr. Elsey's 20oz. Precious Cat Ultra Litter Attractant
Dr. Elsey's 8lb. Precious Cat Long Hair Litter
Nootie 70ct. Waterless Cucumber Melon dog and cat wipes
Shea Pet 8oz. Skin and Dander Repair for cats
Shea Pet 18oz. Hypoallergenic Shea Butter and Avacado Shampoo for cats and dogs

And so much more! Hope to see you there!

Sandy Stutz NCMG

<![CDATA[Yappy Howl-a-days!]]>Mon, 25 Dec 2017 00:45:07 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/yappy-howl-a-daysGood Evening Pet Parents,
On this very peaceful Christmas Eve, I find myself feeling especially grateful for all of the wonderful fur-families that have let us care for their beloved pets. This season was super fun with new assistants joining the team and all the little friends we got to bring products to and all the groomies we were able to decorate. Here are some photos of old friends, new friends and one special good-bye.

First, let's share some photos of the Jackson family! We get to visit them in their home about once a month. We bring their goodies and give them each a beauty treatment.
Fitz is one of our regular groomies @ Camp Run-A-Mutt in the Galleria. We are sad that he is moving away, but @ least we were able to say good-bye and give him a festive send off before Christmas. We will miss you, Fitz!
Last, but not least, is our new friend, Dory. I had the honor of giving her very first puppy groom visit. You can't tell from these photos, but this puppy just fits in one hand. Oh, the cuteness!
Thanks to all the wonderful people that let the PetProductDelivery.com team be a part of your holidays. 
We appreciate you! 😇🎄🎁
<![CDATA[Summer of LOVE!]]>Thu, 03 Aug 2017 18:55:21 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/summer-of-loveAs Kasen, Joseph and I travel from home to home delivering products and services to neighborhoods as far north as Conroe and as far south as Rice Village it is evident that there's an abundance of love and joy everywhere. I wanted to take a moment to share a few photos and stories from some of our experiences this summer.

Our friend Matteo's pet parents went to Spain on vacation, but couldn't take their little four-legged buddy. Does that mean that they forgot all about Matteo while they were overseas? Far from it. Check out the spiffy outfit this doggie received as souvenirs from his family's travels! Very Euro-chic. We are sure he is the envy of all the other pooches in the Briar Forest neighborhood.
We had the privilege to cat sit a home with 12 adorable felines in The Woodlands. I was told that they would all probably hide or that I might never see them. Well, I am happy to report that new friends were made. In fact, the two top cats of the household, Anubis and Nefertiti, were awaiting my arrival and greeted us every day of their stay-cation.
Meanwhile, over in the Galleria, we were delighted to care for one of our regular groomies @ Camp Run-A-Mutt. Meet Summer! He was boarding @ daycare so his Mom asked that he be groomed while she was away. Summer is sporting a slightly shorter style than he usually dons in cooler months. Knowing that he and his Mom were missing each other, I sent this photo to his Mom when Summer's haircut was finished and sent it via text. Her reply was, "Summer you look so cute." We couldn't agree more. ;-)
Yesterday, we received a call to groom in Garden Oaks. Kasen and I were ahead of schedule, so. after receiving the New Client Form, we headed over to meet Blue. It turns out that this 13 year old doggie had never been professionally groomed...ever. But, you know what? Despite having some arthritis, she did great. After her groom, Blue had some treats, walked a couple of laps around the kitchen and then straight into her Mommy's arms. Aw! What a fun groom visit that was for us all!
<![CDATA[Big Discount on the "beta" Online Store]]>Sun, 02 Jul 2017 21:12:15 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/big-discount-on-the-beta-online-store
Dear Pet Parents,

While Jill and I are feverishly working on the NEW Online Store, I would like to make you an offer to help us out. We are still in "beta" mode. Adding products, adding and replacing images and descriptions, ect. We have a couple dozen products in the Dog - Food, Treats, Supplements and Cat - Food Treats, Supplements categories with hundreds more coming to these and the other categories. Right now there are some Ark Naturals, Stella and Chewy's, Bravo!, West Paw Designs and Vital Essentials products represented. So, here's my offer...

If you want to shop the site NOW while we are building it, I will pay the sales tax. Yep. I am not adding sales tax until the whole thing is finished. That could be another day or it could be the end of the week. In the meantime, you will SAVE 8.25% on your order. This will help us figure out what is and isn't working. And since visitors to our site can add notes, you can tell us what you would like to see next. Click here to get started: http://apeacefulpet.com/online-store.html

There is a small delivery fee for orders under 100.00 for local and national clients. All orders over 100.00 are delivered and shipped 100% FREE anywhere in the continental United States.

Right now, while we are in "beta" mode, we are still delivering according to our weekly delivery schedule locally and shipping USPS nationally. Once the site is rolling, our plans are to start delivering locally ON DEMAND (think Dominoes Pizza or Tiff's Treats).

We are adding and updating hour by hour and minute by minute. Have a look and let us know what you think. Thank you for your ongoing support!
<![CDATA[When the Same Hairstyle Looks Different]]>Sat, 01 Jul 2017 23:30:56 GMThttp://apeacefulpet.com/blog/when-the-same-hairstyle-looks-differentKasen and I recently had the pleasure of meeting two new fur-kids @ Camp Run-A-Mutt: Oakley and Gordy. Each of these dogs has a separate set of pet parents that happened to be boarding @ CRAM over the July 4th holiday. They both asked us to groom their dogs while they were away, so we groomed them back-to-back on the same day. Both dogs were sweet as can be and are about the same size and weight. In fact, even their bone structure was similar. So, what are the differences? Let's look @ Oakley first.

Oakley has a nice crisp, wiry coat that is easy to maintain. His family keeps his hair a little shorter and takes good care of his coat. He had no tangles and was a breeze to shampoo, blow-dry, comb and prep for grooming. See his photos below...
Now, let's have a look @ Gordy (see photo, below). This dog has thick, wavy hair that is difficult to maintain. This kind of coat, if left longer than 1" in length, mats easily and needs to be thoroughly combed and brushed everyday. Bathing without doing so will cause mats to be locked in close to the skin. Gordy's folks keep his hair longer for a more "fluffy" look. Gordy took considerably more time to shampoo, blow-dry, comb and prep for grooming. There were areas that were too matted to be combed out, so I shaved those areas. Fortunately, they were in locations that could be hidden with longer hair. Since his folks like a longer look anyway, it worked well as camouflage. (His right front leg already had hair missing from a veterinary procedure.)
Believe it or not, both sets of pet parents requested the exact same hairstyle, and that is what they got. So, why do they look different? The length is slightly different, but the hair type is completely different. Crisp and wiry vs. soft and wavy.

The next time you take a photo to show your groomer a hairstyle you would like on your pet, keep this in mind. Two dogs can look completely different in the same style!